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Fiona + Josh | Liverpool Couples Portraits | UK Wedding Photographers
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June 10, 2021
Paul and Nanda | Liverpool Wedding Photographers | Lancashire & Manchester Wedding Photographers

Weddings are like the beginning of such a special chapter in people's lives. It's like a door that opens up to something a bit bigger – many new beginnings and new seasons. We love what families represent and the power of a healthy and loving one.

We typically don’t do family/maternity shoots but when our wonderful friends, Fiona + Josh got pregnant with their miracle baby, of course we would say yes:)
Fiona + Josh are dear friends whom we love very much and they went through a long journey to get to this point.

We are so so so happy for this chapter in their lives and creating these memories for them has been a massive honour! What a special moment for them and what a journey it has been!
We can’t wait to meet this little person soon and we are so grateful for friends like these two.