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Emily + Liam | London Couples Portraits | UK Wedding Photographers
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June 2, 2022
Paul and Nanda | London Wedding Photographers | Manchester Wedding Photographers
"Ahhh guys we absolutely love ALL of them! Thank you so much" - Emily & Liam

We always get excited about couples' sessions; they are light, relaxed and fun. Our time with Emily & Liam was exactly like that.It's very normal when we meet people for the first time to be a bit nervous, especially when you will be photographed, but after the little nervousness, our couples come to life and let us see how they are and we love it. Emily +Liam chose a location that was special to them – the streets of where they used to live before moving to Essex. It was a wonderful time walking around, finding little spots, gorgeous light and just enjoying the time with them. A perfect way to create memories before their wedding day!

We can't wait to celebrate them!