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Maxine + Adam | Peak District Couples Portraits | UK Wedding Photographers
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October 17, 2019
Paul and Nanda | Manchester Wedding Photographers | Lancashire Wedding Photographers

Every pre-wedding feels completely different and that’s because every couple is different and their connection unique.

There's some level of vulnerability and intimacy that we can't always see on a busy wedding day and as photographers that crave intimacy with their subjects, we really love it! If we could, we would always encourage any couple to have a photoshoot - it's special, beautiful and rewarding.

Maxine + Adam's pre-wedding had a relaxing (with some light exercise as we walked up the hill) and intimate atmosphere. They embrace that time together which allowed us to capture some really beautiful moments between them.

The Peak District was a gorgeous backdrop and the moody weather just made the surroundings feel cosy and romantic. When the little raindrops showed up at the end of our photoshoot, we had to make the most of that opportunity - it was already dark, but that would not stop us! Then magic happened!

We seriously can't wait to capture their wedding this year - we know it will be special - their connection is visible and the love for each other so strong!