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Charley + Marcus | Chichester Wedding | UK Wedding Photographers
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February 24, 2022
Paul and Nanda | Chichester Wedding Photographers | Lancashire Wedding Photographers
"[We] were blown away by every single photo. The details, the smiles, the little moments - every photo is perfect! I can’t stop looking at them! The photos went above our expectations...
They were both a dream to work with and it was definitely one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We’ve definitely found photographers for life!" – Charley & Marcus

Every wedding is completely different and this is one of the reasons why we love wedding photography – the variety of wonderful humans we meet and how each couple has a unique approach to their wedding day.
Charley + Marcus's day was truly a special celebration of their relationship with each other, with their family & their friends. They had an intimate wedding at their family's home with their closest friends & family. We felt home from the moment we arrived and when we had to say goodbye, it felt like we were leaving our friends. The day was very special and as photographers who focus on telling the story of the wedding day, their wedding was one of our favourites because every single photo we feel like it genuinely captures the authenticity of the day and their relationships. We believe that a wedding day is way more than a beautiful dress, decorations or glamour. Those details are special to capture but wedding days are a chapter in a story of two families coming together and those photographs are way beyond just an epic social media post, they are a way for those families to tell their story to their generations to come, and that's something really special.

The Wedding Team:

St Andrew's  Church - Oving
Essence of Australia from Minster Bridal
Bridesmaids: Asos
Groom: Next
Cary Tay
The Toast
Marquee: Lewis Marquees
Catering: Chefs on the Move
Videography: Liam Middleton